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We ignite the conversation between friends. Creating real connections. Social Fabric builds on relationships, trust, connecting values that are the foundations of a brand.

What is the value of millions of true and meaningful conversations about your brand? We have the algorithms and methods, to transform a single action into an exponential brand experience providing them unique tools to boost performance, drive call to actions and measure results.

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Brands become exponential when they unleash the potential of its advocates, empowering them with our tools to reach a whole new audience.

They will discover a brand through the best way possible:


bear happy

3 Tools and Performance



Data - we can process complex data and make it easy to explore, interact and make decisions. Data can be complex, the interface must be easy.

Tuti Explorer is the best way to extract and explore data from various sources of information. We transform data into actionable insights facilitating their exploration and allow the generation of KPIs that matter to your business. Everything automated for whatever purposes, from a simple search to a massive analysis of competitors.

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Market research
  • Consumer Voice Listening
  • Business Intelligence
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Competitors Analysis

Semantic Analysis

Unknown data are more important than you might think. With the increasing amount of information, there is a need to separate, categorize, understand and show the right answers. We have our own Automated Analysis and no need for dictionaries.

Understand Correlations

We analyze the data being able to pull the same feelings with the accurate points about the conversation, thus streamlining the analysis of what consumers are saying about your brand.

Discover new Trends

With tuti Explorer, we can discover trends related to any topic. Tuti developed tutiAds and its exclusive OPT (Optimization by Trends) automatically choose the period in which your ads will be served based on the content and more relevant time to display.


We have a huge amount of analytical charts on what is happening in your FanPage. With few clicks, you will be able to measure everything on it, and all data already analyzed. You can export data to multiple formats. Compare the results of your Fan Page in the last six months or last year. If you are an administrator of more than one Fan Page, switch quickly between them on the fly.

Customizable Charts

Page's Analytics

  • Unique visitors X Total visitors People talking about the page
  • External References
  • Visitors by day of the week

Post Analytics

  • Post Reach
  • Organic x Paid Impressions Viral impressions
  • Engagement type X-Posts Type
  • Posts numbers by type
  • Posts types with greater engagement Posts quantity per day
  • Latest Posts

Engagement Analytics

  • Engagement rate
  • Total engagement by day of week Types of more engaged posts
  • Consumption by type of click
  • Generated stories

Analytics of Fans

  • Fans' Growth
  • New X Removed Fans
  • Fans 1 Gender and Age
  • Gender
  • Fan's Location
  • Fans 1 Growth by City
  • New fans by day of the week New fans' source

Ads Analytics

  • Impressions X Clicks x Social Impressions x Social Clicks Total Spent CPC x TR CPM x CPA
  • Most actionable interactions
  • Campaigns


Create, manage, analyze and engage.

With tuti Management, you can control everything that happens on your Facebook page.

It's easy to create engaging posts, see what competitors are publishing and manage all comments. Everything your team needs to manage social content. You can also take advantage of the workflow to streamline the process make your team work faster and collaboratively.


  • Page Management on Facebook
  • Posts Creation
  • Analytics for each Post
  • Management of Posts and Comments
  • Customer Service via comments
  • Approval workflow
  • Contests
  • Creating Facebook Applications


Use the power of Facebook ads and engage more.

The tuti Ads help you combine the features of the ads, optimize, manage and increase advertising strategy on Facebook in an easy to use interface. A major advantage is that you can create multiple ads in just one minute, we created a tool that makes combinations and A / B testing automatically.

4 Cases

R Reykon


Power-launch, new video, lead generation in 10 Countries, three languages.

Warner Music Latino and Deezer partnered with TUTI to launch Reykon's new video, in ten different Countries, in three different languages. We raised the artist weekly engagement in 25.7%, created 10,598 viral stories by fans, generated 1,2MM video views on YT and sent 7,410 leads to Deezer

10 Countries

3 languages


engagement growth increase week over week


Viral stories created by fans (5x the average)

B Bryan Brothers

bryan brothers

#Londoncalling with Bryan brothers, big branding at Barclays Open.

Bryan Brothers- The ultimate Tennis doubles in the World got their TUTI Campaign to create awareness about their personal brand, their sponsors K-Swiss and Prince Racquets,

World Audience

66 Countries

20X growth on Impressions

Growth from 44.1k weekly Impressions to 804.7k


Viral stories created by fans (30x the weekly average)

P Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Alchemist - the challenge to connect a new audience to his most polemic work.

Fans, friends, cross Countries, cultures, religions, ethnicity: Paulo Coelho is beyond borders or boundaries. The Author partnered with TUTI to launch his new book ÔÇťAdultery". The grass roots campaign was focused on a total new US audience while leading the NY Times Best Sellers list for369 weeks with the Alchemist .

849 US Cities 132 Countries

From Nepal to Patagonia

2,46MM Users

engaged with the campaign in less than 24 hours

61% of US users

were US-Hispanics